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Customer Case Study

‘Our LIMS reads any format’

At plastics manufacturer Trinseo, a new LIMS handles formulation, design and testing in a single system. Employees can now collaborate on the same work order throughout the entire process.

“At Trinseo, we’re currently making some major changes to our computer hardware. In the run-up to this, last year, we took a long, hard look at all our software applications,” says Peter van den Berghen, Technologist Leader R&D at Trinseo. “This also prompted us to take a fresh look at our LIMS.” Trinseo is a global materials company with 2,500 employees, focusing particularly on the manufacture of plastics, latex, and synthetic rubber. Its plastics R&D department is housed in Terneuzen. This is where the company carries out research into compounded polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC), polystyrene (PS), ABS, and blends of these polymers. Trinseo’s researchers develop products and applications for the global automotive industry, medical technology and consumer electronics.


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