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Customer Case Study

Chromicent iLES "Best practice implementation"

Discover how Chromicent GmbH leveraged iVention’s iLES system and the “best practice” methodology to streamline their laboratory processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

As a pharmaceutical service laboratory, Chromicent recognizes the importance of data integrity and chose iVention’s iLES system after a rigorous selection process. The system’s robustness, efficiency, and adherence to quality-by-design principles made it a perfect fit for Chromicent’s needs, and its pre-configured modules and customizable workflows allowed for individual users’ unique requirements.


By implementing iLES using the “best practice” methodology, Chromicent saw significant benefits. The implementation process was shorter and required less validation effort than alternative methods, and customizing workflows to meet their needs while maintaining regulatory compliance became seamless.


Other customers, like a pharmaceutical company, have also successfully implemented the “best practice” methodology and customized workflows to meet specific regulatory requirements while maintaining efficiency.


Chromicent’s experience is a testament to the value of a robust LIMS system like iLES and the “best practice” methodology in streamlining laboratory processes and ensuring regulatory compliance. Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your laboratory.


In conclusion, the “best practice” implementation method, used in combination with the iLES system, has provided Chromicent with a LIMS system that meets its needs for robustness, efficiency, and adherence to quality-by-design principles, while still allowing for flexibility and customization. This approach has also resulted in a shorter implementation time and lower validation effort. Other customers have also experienced success using this method, making it a compelling option for other companies looking for a LIMS system that can meet their unique needs.


About Chromicent 
Chromicent GmbH is a pharmaceutical service laboratory that specializes in developing robust and efficient chromatography methods using state-of-the-art chromatography system equipment and applying quality-by-design principle (ICH Q8) and the lifecycle of an analytical method (ICH Q14).

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