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Customer Case Study

Automation from sample registration to invoicing

At Agro Food Lab’s microbiological laboratory, they were able to speed up and optimize sample throughput thanks to their use of iVention’s laboratory information management system (LIMS). ‘The production of fresh food keeps getting faster and so we as a laboratory have to keep pace with that.’

They used to have a different LIMS at Agro Food Lab but Anne van den Bosch, who heads up the laboratory, was frustrated by certain aspects of it. ‘The system proved to be rather rigid which made it difficult to adjust or extend it yourself. Inputting sample data and finalizing the invoicing also involved a lot of effort. So we began looking for a system where this is all automated.’

The iVention Laboratory Execution System (iLES) proved to be just such a system. ‘We use this as a LIMS and portal for sample registration,’ explains Van den Bosch. ‘Once a sample arrives physically, all we have to do is scan the barcode to know exactly what kind of sample it is and what analyses are required. This represents a huge time saving for us.


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